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Closed Die Forging In China

Closed Die Forging

Closed die forging, one of the main forging process, involves the pressing or hammering of preformed metal blanks into a set of dies shaped as a three dimensional negative of the part to be produced.Via closed die forging, the gap between the upper die and the lower die remains unchanged during the forging process. The blank is formed in the closed die cavity around it, and no transverse flash is generated.Small amount of excess material will form longitudinal flying spurs, and the remove flying spurs will be in the subsequent process.

Pintejin is a leading china supplier for closed-die forgings, focused on various markets such as oil & gas, construction, mining equipment, power generation and military applications.

Custom manufacturer of closed die forgings with +/-0.0001 in. tolerance.With its strong and well-known technical expertise, Pintejin forging company jointly designs with customers and supplies close die forgings of various shapes up to 50kg. Specialized in small to big-size production runs, Pintejin Forging company has the capability to forge a wide range of steel grades, from carbon steel to stainless steel. Our investment in machining and control also enable us to supply customers rough or finished machined components, ready to assemble.Forged products are commonly found within the following applications:

  • Transmissions & chassis
  • Engine timing & transmission gears
  • Track components
  • Severe service ground engagement tools
  • Spindles & Shafts
  • Drill cones
  • Jet arms
  • Flow-line parts
  • Hammer unions

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What Is Closed Die Forging

Closed die forging is a pressure forging process in which dies face each other and cover all or part of the workpiece. The heated raw material, which approximates the shape or size of the finished forging, is placed in the lower die. The shape of the forging is placed into the upper or lower die as a negative image. From top to bottom, the impact of the upper die on the raw material makes it the desired forged shape.

What Is Closed Die Forging
The Advantage Of Closed Die Forging

The Necessary Conditions For Closed Die Forging

  1. The blank volume is accurate.
  2. The shape of the blank is reasonable and can be accurately positioned in the die cavity.
  3. The equipment striking energy or striking force can be controlled.
  4. There is an ejector on the device.

The Characteristics Of Closed Die Forging

  1. Compared with open die forging, the direction of the gap between the convex and concave dies in closed die forging is parallel to the direction of die movement. During the die forging process, the gap is small and its size does not change.
  2. Compared with open die forging, closed die forging improves the quality of forgings.

The Advantage Of Closed Die Forging

The geometry, dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the forgings are as close to the product as possible, eliminating the need for flash. Compared with open die forging, closed die forging can greatly improve the utilization rate of metal materials.

The Metal Deformation Process Of Closed Die Forging

  1. The first stage, the basic forming stage. In this stage, the metal blank is deformed from the initial shape until it is substantially filled with the mold groove, and the deformation force increases relatively slowly. The punch moves down by ΔH1.
  2. The second stage, the filling groove stage. This stage is from the end of the first stage until the metal completely fills the groove. The remarkable feature of this stage is that the deformation force increases sharply, which is about 2~3 times of the deformation force at the end of the first stage, but the deformation amount is very small. The punch moves down by ΔH2.
  3. In the third stage, the longitudinal burr stage is formed. After the second stage of deformation, the blank has filled the mold groove and basically no longer deforms. At this time, if the upper mold continues to press down. The casting dendrites, voids, porosity, etc. inside the billet are broken, forged and compacted. If the forging pressure is high, the metal will flow in the upper and lower die steps to form longitudinal burrs. The punch moves down by ΔH3.

The Application Of Closed Die Forging

Using a friction press for closed die forging without flash is a relatively advanced forging method. It improves the utilization rate of steel by improving the quality of the forging blank, reducing the machining allowance, improving the accuracy level, and realizing less and no cutting. It has been widely used in the mass production of forging blanks of various types of gears, sprockets, sleeves, pressure plates, rollers and other circular parts. When there are many types of parts that need to use closed die forging to produce forging blanks, it is obviously not cost-effective and unnecessary to design a complete set of molds for each forging one by one. These forgings should be in different sizes, shapes, and blank weights.

With custom-machined dies and a cost-effective forging process that reduces post-processing, Our forging company strives to produce products that not only last longer but are engineered for maximum strength and quality. Contact us today for more details.


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